Gasoline Alley

Gasoline Alley was a term used during the forties for the Park St. area. Federal Hwy’s 12, 14, and 151 came through Park St. There were at least twenty eight Service Stations and thirteen auto related businesses along Park Street.
102 N Park. St.
Comstock Tire, Inc. is a local-company of madison, wisconsin that was originally Madison Gasoline and Oil Company on Regent Street. It was incorporated in 1935, and subsequently purchased by Mr. Virgil C. Comstock. New Tire And Retreading Operations were initiated by Mr. Comstock and George O. Johnson in their partnership of 1940. In 1950 our business moved to Park & Spring Street, and later the business was incorporated as Comstock Inc. Then in 1980, we moved to our current location on South Park Street. Since the new tire and retread business was the main growth area of the business and petroleum business was discontinued, the name of the company was changed to Comstock Tire, Inc.
39 N Park. St.
Schmidt’s Auto Service began in 1937 on Gilman St and moved to Park St in 1944. They added the Salvage yard in 1957. Pictured Norbert & Larry Schmidt (Photo 4-1947) with the First Badger Cab.
29 N Park. St.
Cave’s Buick, 1959 Lou Eller’s Buick, 1969 Zimbrick Buick, is the First Dealership moving to the Beltline.
317 S. Park. St.
Sinclair Service Station was Auto Glass Specialists original location
448 S. Park. St.
Tifft’s Texaco Service opened in 1946 and closed in 1975 The original building was built in 1928 and was added on in the thirties. The service station and Carl’s Lunch properties are the home of Lane’s Bakery. ( Photo 1956)
Ideal Body Shop – 502 S. Park St.
Pete Dottl’s grandfather immigrated from Germany and in 1907 started a blacksmith business in Roxbury, Wisconsin. He later moved the business to downtown Madison. Grandpa Joe decided he needed to expand and bought a house and land on South Park Street. He expanded the blacksmith business, building wagons and sleighs. The auto came along and Grandpa did repairs along with his special projects building delivery vans and trucks.
2620 Monroe St.
DX Smeltzer Bros. Service 1951 to 1968 / Sunoco Service Tom Rice 1968 to present (Photo from middle 60s)
3502 Monroe St.
Parman’s Service (Photo 1941) Gas 15.9 gal. Clayton Parman Opened this station May 1941 closed Oct 2011 70 Years of great service