Add Online Donations to Your VSM Listing

Before you begin be sure that you have access as the administrator of the listing.

Note: If you have questions about admin rights please email or call Dan Guerra at 608.515.8383.

1) Log In - Using the link in the upper right corner of the web page, log in to your user profile.

2) Go to the Edit Listing page -
           a) You can choose "Update a Listing" in the first dropdown menu, choose the listing you would like to change in the second dropdown menu, and submit.


          b)Search for the listing that you want to change using the "Directory" menu item. When your listing loads, you will see a Edit Listing button on the right side of the listing(if you are logged in). Click on the Edit Listing button.

3) When you have reached the edit listing page, enter your EIN number, select the allow donations check box, and make sure the option to allow online transactions has been set to yes -


4) Hit the Submit button at the bottom of the page

You have now enabled the “Online Donations” option.