Visit South Madison Project

South Madison has a lot of history and secret treasures and we want to share them, that’s why in January 2012 Argus with the support and the South Metropolitan Business Association and in partnership with the South Metropolitan Planning Council is doing the Visit South Madison Project.

In doing this project we identified several major goals: 1. Promote business and events location in South Madison 2. Change the perception of economic health of South Madison 3. Provide support to new and developing businesses within South Madison.

We have three really exciting parts to this project: A Map, A Website and a gift card program.

Visit South Madison MapThe map that we’re doing is an 18 by 25 ½ inch map. One side of the map will be a map of South Madison and will list all the businesses, similar in format to the Downtown Madison Map and Guide. This side of the map will also highlight major events such as Celebrate South Madison, the Madison Marathon, Dane County Fair, and others we’re also going to highlight areas of interest such as the Arboretum, the Zoo, our local parks and other area attractions.

On the other side of the Map, will be history and information about South Madison as well as ads from some of the local businesses. The maps will be distributed within South Madison and Dane County in an effort to bring business and exposure to all that South Madison has to offer.

Another aspect of the project is this website. The website has a directory that also has a business directory and business profile that is fully editable by the business representatives. In addition to Business profiles, the website, will talk about the history of South Madison such as Gasoline Ally, special thanks to Pete Dottl for making a history connection, and will general news and articles. But you'll be able to do something on you can’t do anywhere else. . . buy products from multiple south madison businesses and sell your products too!

Regardless if you have a website now, regardless if you sell your products and services online now. You’ll be able to sell an unlimited amount your business’ products & services we’re building an online virtual mall for all. You will now be able to sell your products 24hours per day, 7days per week.

Every business with products online for sale will be promoted over the course of the year will a daily email to people who have opted-in to receive product specials from business in South Madison.

We’re also launching a South Madison Gift Card Program - this will be a pooled program people will be able to purchase gift cards off the website.

By doing all this we’re going to be able to do a couple really great things - a percentage of the transaction fees will benefit SMBA and will be given to SMBA in the form of Gift Cards so people will be able to spend there gift cards at business that accept the VSM Gift Card.