South Madison Maps and Plans

Still from video "Story of a (West) Coastie: How Park Street Has Helped Me Adjust to Life in Madison.” The Park Street Corridor Map shows the rich and diverse collection of local eateries, shops, recreational spots, and community service providers. This mapping project was a collaborative production between the University of Wisconsin–Madison, South Metropolitan Planning Council, and Park Street Partners. Visit the map to see an interactive view of the many businesses, services, and attractions that line the streets near this vital corridor of South Madison.

South Madison extends beyond Park Street. The South Metropolitan Planning Council Map shows a larger area, its 13 Southside neighborhood associations. City of Madison’s Individual Neighborhood Maps show geographic boundaries of South Madison neighborhoods. Other Neighborhood Maps focus on housing, health, transportation and redevelopment, and cover multiple neighborhoods.

City of Madison plans and news articles on redevelopment are also available. These detail Park Street revitalization, Villager Mall redevelopment, and South Madison neighborhood plans over the years.

Businesses, Services, and Organizations in South Madison

South Madison is home to many businesses, services, and organizations. Discover them all with these lists: Business Resources and Services and Organizations (both at The Villager and within South Madison). Links for organizations beyond South Madison and Government websites are also included. Please contact Lori Kay at 263-6693 if you are interested in developing these resource lists further.

Stories and Photos

Still from video "Story of a (West) Coastie: How Park Street Has Helped Me Adjust to Life in Madison.” Learn more about destinations and events in South Madison through stories and photos featured in the Madison media and South Madison community news. Highlights include stories on the many options for dining and shopping in South Park Street's international corridor, as well as articles on South Madison's neighborhoods, events, projects and redevelopment efforts. Please contact Lori Kay at 263-6693 about adding to these resources.

Stories of those living and working in South Madison are shared in Personal Voices. Please contact Michael G. Reuhl at 310-8622 if you would like to share or develop multimedia histories.