Volunteer ESL Tutors Needed

Please help us spread the word: Literacy Network still has more than 70 adult English learners on our waiting list, hoping to be matched with a tutor soon. Some have been waiting more than three months! We are looking for volunteers who can dedicate a few hours every week to tutoring, wherever and whenever is convenient. Each volunteer tutor goes through a 10-hour ESL Tutor Orientation/Training to learn to most effectively help an adult learner in their community reach their dreams of communicating with their child’s teacher, understanding directions from a doctor, or improving basic skills to earn a GED or get a better job. Successful tutors give their learners more than improved English skills -they offer the chance for them to gain confidence and improve their connection to the world around them! No foreign language skills or teaching experience is needed – training and support are provided. We ask all tutors and learners commit to a 6-month contract.

We have three trainings coming up in the next couple months –if we can get 24 volunteers to sign up for each training, by the end of June all the existing learners on our waiting list should be matched with tutors. Please contact Ms. Shawn Steen by email at shawn@litnetwork.org or by phone 608-244-3911

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